Jflow - Heartbeat (ft. Cindy Bernadette)

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Jflow - Heartbeat (ft. Cindy Bernadette) Download lagu Jflow - Heartbeat (ft. Cindy Bernadette), ukuran 3.42 MB durasi 03.35 menit dengan high quality audio MP3, HD video MP4 dan lirik, diupload oleh Jflow tanggal 5 February 2020. Dapatkan link download Heartbeat (ft. Cindy Bernadette) secara gratis, mudah dan cepat hanya di Golagu.

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Info & Statistik

Jflow - Heartbeat (ft. Cindy Bernadette)
  • Judul: Heartbeat (ft. Cindy Bernadette)
  • Artis: Jflow
  • Kategori: Download Lagu Indonesia
  • Tag: Heartbeat MP3
  • Ukuran: 3.42 MB (3,584,254 bit)
  • Waktu putar: 03.35 menit
  • Nama file: 08 Heartbeat (feat. Cindy Bernadette.mp3
  • Dilihat: 129x
  • Video oleh: JFlow - Topic
  • Waktu putar video: 03:36
  • Judul video: Heartbeat (feat. Cindy Bernadette)
  • Audio: 44,1 kHz, Stereo, 128 kb/s, MP3
  • Dirilis: 23 December 2014
  • Diperbarui: 5 February 2020

Lirik Lagu

Lirik Lagu "Heartbeat (ft. Cindy Bernadette)" oleh Jflow

Cant get you outta my head
Boy why you look so fine
I’ll never treat you bad

Cause love like this so hard to find

Cant get you outta my head
Boy why you look so fine
I’ll never treat you bad
Cause love like this so hard to find
Hey Ma, the name is Blaze and I notice you noticing me
Jockin me with your sexy smile
Your sexy style is one of a kind but love is blind

So help me see if you can be that lady for me

Book smart street wise and everything nice
Those firm potty lips and the big brown eyes
Got my hands all sweaty and my stomach turning
Got me thinkong of you from nite till morning
And I know you be the one that got me clappin faces
Droppin all my aces and moving places

Cuz all the guys who jock you got me catchin caces
You can count on me when your days got cloudy

Just pick up the phone when you need somebody
I’ll be there for you like Clyde for Bonnie
And you wont be someone just to pass time
The other girls just nickel but you truly a dime
Cant get you outta my head

Boy why you look so fine
I’ll never treat you bad
Cause love like this so hard to find

If I could have my three wishes
All I ever wanted my baby is
To have you in my life, make you as my wife
Cause I’ve now realized you’re a living paradise
Baby girl yeah you and me
We give em perfect reason to be envy
It’s obvious they’re jealous to let us to be us
We meant to be together, you and me, break up never
Never one nite without thinking about you
There’ll be no life if I lilve without you
Hundreds of Beyonce cant compare to you
No matter what they say I stay forever with you
You’re my heartbeat, you keep me alive
The lamp unto my feet the light of my life
Eva got the curves, Shakira got the hip
Whatever will occur ma, it’s you that I need
Baby you and mee all nite
I’ll make you feel alrite
I’ve been waiting for you all my life
Baby, be in my life

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