Rich Brian - No Worries

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Info & Statistik

Rich Brian - No Worries
  • Judul: No Worries
  • Artis: Rich Brian
  • Album: The Sailor
  • Kategori: Download Lagu Barat
  • Tag: No Worries MP3
  • Ukuran: 2.60 MB (2,729,458 bit)
  • Waktu putar: 02.43 menit
  • Nama file: 08 No Worries.mp3
  • Dilihat: 114x
  • Video oleh: Rich Brian
  • Waktu putar video: 02:44
  • Judul video: Rich Brian - No Worries (Lyric Video)
  • Audio: 44,1 kHz, Stereo, 128 kb/s, MP3
  • Dirilis: 2 August 2019
  • Diperbarui: 11 March 2020

Lirik Lagu

Lirik Lagu "No Worries" oleh Rich Brian

Breakin' down, I'm barely breathin'
You just hit me where it hurts
Findin' ways to stop the bleedin'
Did I get what I deserve?
Call my friends over to kick it, we don't need hoes
The game is on, the beers are cold

[Verse 1]
Still happy and content, I'm tryna cut the worryin'
Still got 'em askin' me, "What kind of business are you in?"
Got so many blessings but I'm still here countin' it
If it feels like a job, then why you still doin' it?
Loved this every second, man, that's why I still do this shit
I'm bad at socializin', that's what homeschoolin' did for me
It also got me money and a whole new identity
So fuck a prom night, I drive a limo to a bakery

Findin' ways to stop the bleedin'
Did I get what I deserve?
Call my friends over to kick it, we don't need hoes
The game is on, the beers are cold

[Verse 2]
Yeah, born to do this shit, it wasn't nothin' accidental, ayy
This shit got so borin', had to switch it up a little
Sick of seein' people 'round me only care about the figures
I can't have you talk to me about no mothafuckin' limit
Write the best songs in my crib
Why'd you ask me if I'm okay? Bitch, I feel extravagant
Always been a different breed from day one so let's not pretend
Notice all your lack of effort so, lil' bitch, we can't be friends
Bitch, shut the fuck up, go sip your Starbucks
Don't play with me, 'cause you gon' fuck up your karma
Don't fuck with hoes, I'd rather fuck up my commas
Your life ain't good if it don't come with no problems
Oh, been on fire but my heart is cold
I ain't fuckin' with you anymore
Bitch, I'm way too focused on my goals
I can never stop it, uh
Runnin' up the numbers, give a fuck about no budget
Bitch, I'm up-and-coming and this shit ain't up for no discussion
No I never cuff a basic, only fuck 'em on occasion
She don't ever need persuasion
'Cause she said that I'm her favorite, uh

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