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Info & Statistik

Rich Brian - Vacant
  • Judul: Vacant
  • Artis: Rich Brian
  • Album: The Sailor
  • Kategori: Download Lagu Barat
  • Tag: Vacant MP3
  • Ukuran: 2.44 MB (2,556,006 bit)
  • Waktu putar: 02.33 menit
  • Nama file: 07 Vacant.mp3
  • Dilihat: 117x
  • Video oleh: Rich Brian
  • Waktu putar video: 02:33
  • Judul video: Rich Brian - Vacant (Lyric Video)
  • Audio: 44,1 kHz, Stereo, 128 kb/s, MP3
  • Dirilis: 29 July 2019
  • Diperbarui: 11 March 2020

Lirik Lagu

Lirik Lagu "Vacant" oleh Rich Brian

And I Iet it...
Oh, I know it...

[Verse 1]
Fightin' so much, I forgot how peace feels
If you like that memory so much, then you should keep it
He's the one you called up when you lonely on the weekends
He's the one that broke your heart into those little pieces
Now you don't trust anything I say unless you see it
Tears on your face, I'm tryna give you all my Kleenex
But I ain't make you cry, girl, he did
Know it ain't my fault that he dipped
Know it ain't my fault he cheated
Why you say that I got secrets?
Well, I'm here tryna make you breakfast
What the fuck you think's my intention?
Before we start to fight, give me head first
I'm startin' to despise my reflection

And, girl, it's time to let it go
(Just let it go, it's not worth it, just let it go, it's in the past)
'Cause I won't be here no more
(Shit, you never know, I might just leave her ass one day, we'll see)

[Verse 2]
When you got a problem, who you call?
Who was there to calm you down when you felt like you lost it all?
How you say that I seem disconnected every time we talk?
Can't you see I try my best and you just puttin' up your walls?
Oh, the perfect couple
No, I'm not thinkin' 'bout leavin'
But if you just ask a couple more times, I just might
Never really been good at reading
But maybe you've just never been with people that cared your whole life
Figure out when you wanna give it up
I'ma call my bitches up, yeah, the ones you said I got
Maybe book a restaurant, since I'm tryna break your heart
Since I never gave a fuck
If we fight and it's my fault, I don't get you
You ain't ever talk about our good moments
Your bed feels better when I'm on it
Feelin' uneasy every time you call me
Only playin' nice with me 'cause you want it

And, girl, it's time to let it go
(Just let it go, it's not worth it, just let it go, it's in the past)
'Cause I won't be here no more
(Shit, you never know, I might just leave her ass one day, we'll see)

And I Iet it...
Oh, I know it...

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